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Flat Panel Detectors
– A Flat Panel Detector or “FPD” is a specialized digital camera for taking X-ray images.
– Unlike visual light, X-rays cannot be easily focused through a lens, therefore the camera’s active area needs to be as large as the picture you want to take.
– Each FPD consists of two basic components, a sensor layer that captures the X-ray and a Thin Film Transistor array or “TFT”. A TFT array is a device most commonly used in displays for cellphones, TVs and computer screens.
– Although FPDs are produced by many different companies and come in several different sizes, the current technology is identical from panel to panel.

Current Technology
– The X-ray detector market is currently dominated by FPDs that utilize an indirect method of detection. These devices rely on a scintillator layer of either Cesium Iodide (CsI) or Gadox (Gd2O2S) to convert X-ray into visible spectrum light. These photons are then detected by a specialized TFT pixel array with a photosensor built into each pixel.

Disadvantages of Current Flat Panel Detector Technology
– Limited resolution due to light spreading
– Limited sensitivity
– Requires specialized pixel arrays
– Mature technology with few future improvements

Innovative Processing Techniques
– Polycrystech has developed SegPix, a new CsI scintillator technology that provides a light barrier between pixel areas in the scintillator layer. The segmentation prevents light spreading between pixels which increases and preserves spatial resolution even in thicker layers.

Next Generation Materials
– Polycrystech has perfected film fabrication technology for wide band gap semiconductors of the layered heavy metal halide family including Mercuric Iodide (HgI2) and Lead Iodide (PbI2). This technology is referred to as a direct method of detection where in a layer of the semiconductor is deposited on a simple pixel array. During operation, the semiconductor layer converts the X-ray directly into electronic signal that is then funneled down into the pixel array via an open conductive pad.

Advantages of Polycrystech’s SegPix FPD Technology
– Elimination of resolution loss due to light spreading
– Increased sensitivity
– Utilizes existing manufacturing lines for seamless integration

Advantages of Polycrystech’s Next Generation FPD Technology
– Elimination of resolution loss due to light spreading
– High sensitivity
– Wide dynamic range
– Utilizes standard pixel arrays for decreased manufacturing costs
– Future use in advanced photon counting detectors